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predictive dialer Marketel is directly responsible for a 285% increase in our productivity...predictive dialer

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[...]I have been dealing with MarkeTel for the last three years or so and I just wanted to mention that you are the most organized company that I have ever dealt with. Anytime I had issues or problems Shahzad and other technical personnel were there to assist me. The dialer I bought continues to work flawlessly and is a direct ingredient to my business and success.[...]
Philip Scott
Global Travel Sunrise, Inc.
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[...]Our company has been using MarkeTel systems hardware and software for the past nine years and has been extremely satisfied. As our company has grown, our hardware and software needs have changed. MarkeTel has always been there to provide the solution to assist our company.s growth. MarkeTel.s technical support and customer service representatives are exceptional. [...]
Kenneth R. Bates, President
C B Marketing Inc.
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[...]I am writing to express our extreme satisfaction with our Marketel Dialer System. We had bought an expensive Touch-Star / Noble System dialer just a year prior to learning about Marketel. Despite the fact that we had just made a large investment in our previous system, we found that the superior equipment, service and support as well as the reasonable pricing of Marketel made it a no-brainer for us to make the switch. We have now been using our Marketel system for several months and are thrilled with every aspect of our experience. They are great to work with and go out of their way to provide top notch service.[...]

Kevin Denby
Vice President
Fit Turf Inc.
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[...]I've been using the Marketel Dialing System for 6 years now and couldn't be happier with the results. The market in the Southeast Michigan area (Detroit suburbs) is probably the worst in the country right now and I can honestly tell you that I wouldn't have been able to grow 16% this season without the Marketel Dialer System.[...]

Sincerely yours,
Peter J Schulz, President
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We have been utilizing MarkeTel telemarketing systems for over 4 years now and we have been very pleased with the systems and more importantly service. Michael McAllister has helped us from the very beginning set up and trouble-shoot the machines and he is great with customer service. He is always very quick to respond to any issues or problems we run into. He is also great about checking in with us regarding new software products that may help enhance our sales figures. The MarkeTel system, most importantly is simply excellent add speeding up the efficiency of sales and I would recommend it to anyone trying to grow a business.

Thank you
Matthew Noon, president
Noon Turf Care
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[...].... After investigating the many dialer systems out there and after several demonstrations, one name was always being mentioned "Marketel Systems" We made arrangements to have one last demo before making our final decision. We wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology, but not have to spend a fortune to get there, after the demo we were sold on the product. After the last experience with technical support we were sceptical to say the least about customer support. We choose to go with the "Marketel Pursuit Dialer and Prospector Application". As it turns out the system was just right for our organization, it was priced right and met the expectations all the way around. The system was delivered ready to go, and without much effort the new dialer was in place and running within 24 hours.

William Beck
IT Manager
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[...] 5 years ago I started my own business and Marketel was the obvious choice because of my relationship with them, but more importantly the value of what the equipment provides for our company. We were able to work out a financing deal, and today we have purchased 7 of the MkII dialers and have 35 stations dialing per day. 2 months ago we expanded our office suite and now have the room for more dialing stations, and plan on purchase 2 or 3 more of these machines by the end of year. Sales is a numbers game so we know the more numbers we can throw out there the more sales we are going to get. [...]

Andrew Higgins
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Thank you for your help with providing Primary Seal with a dialer. This tool was of great help in increasing our business, especially with the economy being quite unstable during these harsh times. Your staff was always willing and eager to provide excellent customer service that is why we will be using MarkeTel in the future.

Once again accept our thanks for all your help and we look forward to working together again in the future.

Paul Tonk
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HomeLoan USA has been using Marketel since 2006. Since that time our sales volume has increased by 37%. MarkeTel has always been helpful and responsive to the needs of our business and the technical support is second to none.

MarkeTel's equipment was very easy to install and operate keeping costs low and increasing the bottom line.

I would recommend MarkeTel to anyone looking to increase the bottom line without a huge investment.

Chris Condon, General Manager
HomeLoan USA
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Pure Water Consultants has been using the Marketel System since 2004. As a result, we employ half the staff, yet our productivity has increased. The unit was fairly simple to install and is very easy to use. The Skiplist feature makes it very easy to screen against the Do Not Call List. Monitoring my employees is as simple as viewing the computer screen.

The support staff at Marketel Systems has also been very helpful. They have always taken the time to walk me through any technical questions that Iíve had.

I sincerely recommend using the Marketel System if you are looking for a way to increase productivity while reducing costs.

Jodie Smith, Inside Sales Manager
Pure Water Consultants
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[...] thank you and your incredible staff for the excellent service we have received from each and every person we have worked with at MarkeTel Systems. When we call customer service, or any department, there is an actual person that answers (not common practice in customer service anymore) and, if there is not.. .. well, calls are returned promptly. Not only that, but each person we talk to has been extremely helpful is assisting us in working out whatever problems we may be having. I cannot tell you what a comfort it is to know that when we pick up that phone to call someone from MarkeTel we have every confidence that whomever we will be talking to will be able to help us. I thank you . .... our staff thanks you!

Gini Callahan, VP Operations
Class One Associates
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We are very pleased to have found both a dialer and a supplier who are both user friendly. It brings us great pleasure to commend you on your success.

Your success has added to ours over the years. More important, you have made the transition to the "Do Not Call" compliance a painless one. We have used Marketel for over six years and the customer support is exceptional.

Mark Williams, Owner
Health For Life
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As we embark upon our third year using the MarkeTel Multi Line Dialing System I am still amazed at the simplicity of the system. I have worked on numerous dialing systems and this one is by far the simplest and most efficient to operate. On past systems I spent many hours of downtime performing system maintenance. Since using the MarkeTel system I have acquired a life outside of the office. Thank you, MarkeTel.
Melissa Corwin
CCA Promotions, Inc.
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[...] The dialer has allowed us to reduce our telemarketing staff by 50%. Instead of the four, sometimes five, telemarketers struggling to get us enough leads for the week, we have surplus leads and are booking into the upcoming week! Wonderful!

I also want to say "Thank you" to the technical support staff. They were very knowledgeable and patient (very important for those of us who are technically challenged); keep up the good work.

Carol Schreiner
Sears Indoor Clean Air Services, Saskatoon
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I just wanted to drop a line to you and tell you how much our company loves the dialer system.
It has drastically cut down on our paper usage since we no longer need to print the leads out.
Your tech support is outstanding and has always been there to help me when I called.
[...] thank you so much for assisting us.

Peter Ellin
Marketing Supervisor
Cool Aid Air Conditioning
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We used [MarkeTel] Dialing systems for more than four years now. It was simple enough, efficient enough, and great enough to take us from a starter company to a mid-size company with considerable weight in [our] industry.

The four systems [are] still running day in and day out reliably, consistently, with minimum or no attendance.

MarkeTel systems were true autopilot operation for us. Certainly freed our time, and mind to doing better things than just be consumed on our day to day operation.

Amin Baroudi

Security Mortgage Lenders Inc.
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... I was first introduced to your dialers about eight years ago and I have been a real fan ever since. Not being very computer-savvy, I remember being told that, "Here's a dialer even you can run." Well, I am proud to report that my technical expertise has grown significantly in the interim, but now I enjoy training people with limited technical knowledge (and sometimes even computer-phobia) on the dialers and Rapid Contact software as they remark how easy it is to learn and use, both as managers and as operators.

I have been involved in telemarketing for twenty-nine years, and have worked with many other predictive dialing systems, and, as I've said to you on other occasions, I wouldn't trade my MarkeTel dialers for any of them. I have a friend whom I'veknown for twenty-five years who I referred to you, and he now swears by them also. He said he'd give anything to have not spent all the money he spent fooling around with more expensive equipment that caused him heartache and headaches and that did not provide any better service (in fact, less reliability)...

Thanks again and keep up the good work,
Jim Mayher
National Reservations, Inc.
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MortgageTree Lending would like to extend our thanks to MarkeTel Systems for a great product and continued ongoing support. We have found that MarkeTel's dialing system is one of our best sources of generating business. And most importantly, the ongoing technical support. They are always available and there when you need them.

Thanks MarkeTel!

MortgageTree Lending
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... After looking at many different options, we decided MarkeTel had the best all-round solution. Simple! Affordable! Powerful! ... Your rental option was great! We got to try the system out on a month-to-month basis before we had to make a final decision.

Your sales and support staff are very knowledgeable of the product and were able to answer all my questions in detail with live examples - not just vague "our system can do that" answers I got from the competition. Out of the box, we were ready to go in under an hour. This system is as close to plug and play as they get in the predictive dialer world.

Our sales staff is more productive and we can see the ROI in our bottom line. Using the system is so easy that even non-technical people can use it with minimal training. As we grow to include more predictive dialing strategies in our company's marketing and sales, the system can easily expand with us to meet and exceed our needs.

C. Scott Kinnersley
Independent Marketing Inc.
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I have been working with predictive dialers for over 5 years. MarkeTel is by far the best dialer system I have encountered or used. There simply has not been any downtime as a result of the dialers. I know of other phone rooms using other systems that seem to have down time and issues daily.

What is even better, when I have a question, you have never been too busy to take my call or call me back immediately.

I have yet to need to call tech support for any issues, other than getting the dialers DNC compliant when the Federal DNC came into effect. That was a breeze, with no problems or delays whatsoever.

The MarkeTel Dialer System just keeps on working with no maintenance issues and your personal commitment to customer satisfaction is above and beyond. Keep up the good work.

Chet Johnson, Owner/Manager
Direct Marketing Specialists
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... I would like to let you know that your dialing system also works great for prospecting for new customers in a business to business application. Our salespeople really like it. Once they got used to it, I cannot get them to cold call using paper leads any more.

We especially like it for training new salespeople cold calling businesses. It is very efficient... We also promote it's use by all of our salespeople as an added tool to make them more money and increase their customer base.

... It was an excellent investment and paid for itself in a very short time.

Carl Stronberg, President
Western Industrial Exchange, Inc.
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This past season we purchased software and hardware from MarkeTel Multi-Line Dialing Systems. The dialer arrived promptly, and was very easy to set up and use. The Rapid Contact software was very user friendly, and the MarkeTel Technical support team was very friendly, they were always there to answer any questions we had.

Kathie Goff, Sales Team Leader
LawnSavers Plant Health Care Inc.
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... Since I have purchased and installed my MarkeTel System, my business has tripled ... The system is awesome and keeps my four telemarketers busy. I had to hire another service technician to keep up with my growing business.

... your toll free help line is one of the best, and you should be very proud of the professional manner in which it is running ... [They] talk you through every step as if they were here alongside you.

Joshua D. Nepa
Autumn Air Heating & Cooling LLC
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We recently purchased an MKII Dialer, Model 9421-MSG system from your company and had to face the usual questions and concerns that any new user faces working with a new system.
However, what [is] so different about your company, in my mind, that sets you apart from others, was the patience and professional manner with which Mr. Michael McAllister handled the sale of the product and your entire crew of tech support (Colin, Rory and Gill) whom without their true dedication to their coaching ability, corrective actions and their unequivocal patience, life would have been extremely difficult.
I am writing this letter to thank you for your support and quick resolutions to the problems that we have encountered. I know all too well that the future growth of our company depends on the integrity and support of vendors like you.

George Ackad
V.P. Operations
GMA Mortgage and Realty
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...The great things that have come forth from the dialing system are outrageous as well as high in numbers...
We would like to first congratulate you on a business well ran with nothing other than an Exceptional Customer Service Department, that does handle and care for every customer as well as problem or question...
Second, not only the time and money that we have saved and that we have earned but, the enormous amount of respect we have gained in our company [due] to the services and products you have supplied us.
...We have always been provided with outstanding technical support as well as customer service from the MarkeTel Systems Family!...
Mario Gonzalez
President and C.E.O.
WorldWise Vacations & Tours
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... I have been involved with telemarketing for a long time and I must tell you... Your system takes the drudgery out of this type of work.
Not only has your system increased our production dramatically... it has helped us do selective marketing amongst Geographical and Demographical Parameters.

Arthur S. Held
Marketing Director
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In May of '03 we rented a dialer from MarkeTel, because we were unsure whether or not this dialer would best suit our company's needs. After a month of utilizing the dialer, we decided to lease the dialer for many reasons.
First reason and most important, it's very easy to set up. Second it's easy to use. Not to mention how much it prospered the employees as well as the production of the business. Since we started using the dialer, we have more than doubled our productivity. Our last but not least reason is the technical support department, which is very knowledgeable and helpful.
We are so satisfied of the MarkeTel Dialer that we have decided to purchase a second one.

Thomas O'Neil
Integra Consulting Services
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We are very pleased to have found both a dialer and a supplier who are both user friendly. It brings us great pleasure to commend you on your success.
Your success has added to ours over the years. More important, you have made the transition to the "Do Not Call" compliance a painless one.

Mark Williams
General Manager
HGH Blend
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Thank you for your great support in assisting us in getting set up with MarkeTel. The dialer keeps [our] phone employees on the phones, and has allowed us to reach far more customers. The simple installation of your software and setting up the calling stations took only an hour and a few minutes on the phone with tech support. We are looking forward to enlarging [our] marketing room and adding more MarkeTel dialers soon.

David Meyers

Ace Air
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When I first purchased the MarkeTel System, I really didn't know the impact it would have on my business. I can honestly say it has been the best purchase I have made so far... The program was easy to install, and even easier to use. Your customer support has been, and remains, easily obtainable and always quick with a resolution.

Keith Fetzner

Natural Way Lawn and Tree Care
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...just wanted to let you know how pleased we at Longhorn Yacht Club have been with the dialing system...

We have been using the Predictive Dialing system from your firm for a number of years and have had absolutley no problems whatsoever. It has performed even better than we were led to believe.

Not being familiar with the overall workings of the system has never been a problem. The times I have needed assistance in installing names etc. into the system, technical support staff has been super.

Earl Gilbert
Vice President
Longhorn Yacht Club, Inc.
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...increased the productivity of our telemarketing department significantly; and therefore our sales have increased.

...the telemarketing proccess has become much easier and more efficient.

Alert Home Security would confidently recommend the service provided by Marketel to any organization...

Gregory Lent
Telemarketing Director
Alert Home Security
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We found the installation and the operation of the system to be flawless.

Since the system came online we have increased our sales...

Hands-down this is the best system on the market today.

Al Compass Jr.
Energy Exteriors
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Just a letter to let you know how much better our lead flow is since we installed one of your dialers...

... I was able to reduce payroll by eliminating people, and achieving many more leads.

...your tech support staff is way above helpful.

Al Compass Sr.
Energy Company
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We, Nu-Cote Exteriors, want to inform you how satisfied we are with the purchase of the MarkeTel Dialing System.

We will recommend your system to anyone who is looking for a dialer

Bettye Farar
Nu-Cote Exteriors
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Where were you guy's ten years ago?

Within 2 hours of setting it up we were dialing away. We had a couple of question for their techs. They were very knowledgeable of their product and talked us through a couple of things on the spot.

...we went from generating 25 to 30 leads a night to 100 plus every night with the same labor.
We have readjusted our annual sales projection...since we have installed your machine.

John L Pittman
Marketing Director
DSN Satellite
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I wanted to take the time to write to you about the predictive dialer we purchased three years ago. I wanted to share with you our positive experience.

..After three years I can report to you that your equipment has performed beyond our expectation.

The dialer I believe has been a major factor in our growth and I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Edward D. Lagarde
United East Mortgage
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From the knowledgeable sales and tech support staff to the in house finance department Marketel has proven to be an invaluable team member to the growth and success of our company.

Marketel is directly responsible for a 285% increase in our productivity growing from 175 to 500 calls per 5 hour shift. The ease of installation, implementation, combined with the entire Marketel team provided an immediate increase in sales and most importantly our sales personnel commissions.

David Bennett
Senior Vice President
I would recommend the MarkeTel Predictive Dialer to anyone who is considering telemarketing as a way of generating new leads and appointments.

I have used the MarkeTel Predictive Dialer for several years now and in 3 different industries with huge success. I have been able to lower the overhead by having fewer people on the phones with better results than when I had twice as many people calling.

I can track the results and performance of each telemarketer individually or as a team. The reports give a break down of the time logged on and I can really improve my training the telemarketers by having this information. I can even listen in on their conversations for extra quality control.

I've used the dialers for both lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

I can't say enough about the MarkeTel dialers!

Happy Dialing,
Oliver P. Maldonado

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...I've been usint the Marketel Dialing System for 6 years now and couldn't be happier with the results. The market in the Southeast Michigan area (Detroit Suburbs) is probably the worst in the country right now and I can honestly tell you that I wouldn't have been able to grow 16% this season without the Marketel Dialer System.
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predictive dialer