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MarkeTel Teleblock Integration

MarkeTel's vision of maximum productivity for call centers is further realized through seamless integration with Call Compliance TELEBLOCK® system. "It only makes sense!" states Keith Gill, MarkeTel's past C.E.O. "It isn't very productive to have agents listening to blocked calls, we want them talking to customers. We even took it a step further and added a separate TELEBLOCK® cache so that we don't call blocked numbers in the future, while still allowing managers the flexibility of changing lists whenever they wish."

"Call Compliance takes great pride in staying on the cutting edge of technology," stated Robert Kobek, Executive Director of Business Development of Call Compliance. "Putting our revolutionary TeleBlock® Do-Not-Call Blocking System together with Marketel's innovative call center solutions creates the best of all possible worlds for telemarketers. The 'seamless integration' of our blocking technology with Marketel's dialers allows any telemarketing operation to maintain the highest levels of both efficiency and compliance, which is an absolute must in today's challenging and complex calling environment," added Mr. Kobek.

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About Call Compliance, Inc.

Nationally recognized by media, industry and government sources as the go-to experts and industry leaders in the engineering, development and deployment of innovative, high-impact technological solutions for the compliance sector, Call Compliance ( is a privately-held company with corporate offices located in Glen Cove, NY.

Call Compliance, offers clients a robust array of both viable compliance solutions and compliance-related resources. TeleBlock®, our cornerstone compliance product, is a patented call-blocking system that automatically blocks calls to state, proprietary or third party do-not-call/do-not-fax lists. This multi-award-winning product - which is available nationwide across all telephone carriers - has been successfully deployed by hundreds of clients for over three years, without their receiving a single compliance infraction. Complementing its TeleBlock® flagship product, Call Compliance offers customers DialBlockSM, a dial-in do-not-call blocking system for small and home offices, TeleStop®, FaxStopSM and CelleStopSM annual subscription services which allow consumers to add telephone, fax and cell phone numbers to the Call Compliance proprietary do-not-call/do-not-fax databases. Leveraging our compliance expertise and providing significant added-value to our customers, we offer Counselor's Corner - the latest news on compliance and regulatory issues - on our website and will soon release TeleGuide®, an interactive, Internet-delivered training and certification program, intended to enhance the knowledge of telemarketers via its in-depth, privacy/compliance curriculum.

Call Compliance staff are frequently interviewed and cited by national media and are regularly featured speakers or expert panelists at major compliance-related functions.

predictive dialers predictive dialerspredictive dialers
predictive dialers