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At MarkeTel we are very customer focused which is why it is important for us to identify features and requirements that are important to you. To help us better address your needs, please check the following features that are important to you:

No Pause or Delay: Import Data while Dialing:
Network Based: Timed Callbacks:
Real-Time Print: Real-Time Export:
Real-Time E-mail: Text Message Agents:
Call Scripting: 3rd Party Transfer:
Multiple Campaigns: Multiple Phonebooks
Per Campaign:
CRM Integration: Power Dialing:
Real-Time Reports: Web-based Reporting:
Historical Reporting: Call Monitoring:
Query-Based Dialing: Manual Call Tracking:
Prevent Manual Agent Calls: Large Scalability:

Non-disclosure: Your contact information will be kept confidential and will not be sold to, or shared with any third parties.

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