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predictive dialer
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RCV6 is specialized controller software for the MK II predictive dialer. Simple to use for maximum productivity!
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MK II Predictive Dialer

predictive dialer

predictive dialer Call monitoring
predictive dialer 8 analog ports
predictive dialer 6 operator ports
predictive dialer Easy installation

Patented keytone entry technology

(US Patent 6,198,814)

No computer network required.

Can operate from a single desktop or laptop computer!

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Task Focused Dialer - Superior Performance

Every predictive dialing system requires a method of conducting telephone line switching tasks.
Most predictive dialers use 3rd party telephony hardware that utilize different computer drivers some of which may be hybrid DOS/Windows mixed systems. These 3rd party solutions were designed as generic solutions so that they can be used in a wide variety of applications for a wide market base.

MarkeTel Systems Ltd. MK II Predictive Dialer is designed specifically for the predictive dialing environment allowing the perfect mix of hardware automation. The MK II Predictive Dialer performs all telephone line switching, dialing, and call progress function inside electronic hardware designed specifically for predictive dialing.
This allows us to custom tailor functions for maximum performance to increase call center productivity.

The MK II predictive dialer utilizes MarkeTel's patented (US Patent 6,198,814) keytone entry technology eliminating the need for expensive computer networks in predictive dialing. Operators simply press a digit on their telephone keypad to indicate a call outcome. This allows operators to flow seamlessly from one call to the next. This simple entry method allows reduced operator training time from hours to minutes, increasing productivity and reducing the expense of employee turnover.

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predictive dialer predictive dialerpredictive dialer
predictive dialer